Biodiesel runs this Business.

SBS Solar runns two Dodge trucks, a VW Passat and a Kubota fork lift all with Bio. One of our largest uses of energy is the petroleum we use to run our trucks, equipment and cars. Three years ago I dove into biodiesel. I read everything I could get my hands on, built a processor from scratch and figured out how this stuff works. We went through quite a learning process. 2015 was our first cash positive year where our investment into a processor, storage tanks and infrastructure saved money versus conventional, what I term ”Dino” diesel.
We have always run diesel trucks yet we had to trade out of diesel engines which will not work with Biodiesel. We now run two Dodge trucks, a VW Passat and a Kubota fork lift all with Bio. In winter we have to blend with Dino diesel, yet three seasons of the year we run with as much B100 or 100% Bio as possible to the tune of 2,500 gallons a year.
The bottom line for us is that this fuel works and works well. Our 100 gallon processor is a kin to a large combination washing machine and dryer. It is automated to the point of loading with veggie oil and the two chemicals and hitting the start button, then half way thru the process, draining the glycerin byproduct and pushing another button to start the washing finishing stage. I collect used fryer oil from a number of local restaurants and purchase a portion of our oil straight from oil seed farmers.
It takes some time and energy which I classify as a hobby and it feels great to use gas stations as a backup source of fuel and reduce the heck out of our carbon footprint.

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