Rooftop Solar and Net Metering in Montana

A resounding VICTORY for rooftop solar and net metering in Montana. In a 5-0 vote, the Montana Public Service Commission unanimously voted November 25th to reject NWE’s proposal, and preserve retail-rate net metering in its current form citing Vote Solar and MREA’s advocacy in the case. SBS Solar is thrilled that the PSC chose to preserved net metering that allows current and future solar customers to offset their electricity purchases by receiving credit when they send clean energy back to the grid.

Andrew Valainis, Executive Director of Montana Renewable Energy Association said “Montanans value self-reliance and resilience, two important benefits of rooftop solar and other distributed generation systems, The ruling today preserves and protects those values. We are thrilled at the ruling, which is a win for Montanans and for small businesses in a growing industry.” Read about the  decision…

This is a huge win for rooftop solar and Montanans. If you have been waiting to install a system, now is the time.  The future of rooftop solar in Montana is now.

Don’t Wait

  • Invest in long term energy independence.
  • 26% federal one year only 2020
  • State tax credit, $500.00 per tax payer makes this a great time to invest for the long term.

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