SBS is carbon neutral

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Sustainable Building Systems, LLC (SBS) is excited to announce that as of March 2010 we are officially carbon neutral. 
In order to make that statement SBS has done an assessment of its carbon footprint based on a full year of office utility data and an extrapolation of vehicle emissions based on our two busiest months of the past year.  This footprint (51.4 MT) has been offset through an agreement with Clear Sky Climate Solutions  ( to

purchase CCX Certified carbon offsets generated through ranching stewardship projects right here in Montana.
We recognize this as a first step in our company’s journey toward sustainability.  Moving forward, we see the goal of continuing carbon neutrality as the end result in a three step process that we as a green company are committed to taking on an ongoing basis.  We will continue to track our footprint month by month as the company grows and we expand the range of our activities.  In concert with tracking we will institute the aggressive policies and personal measures that are needed to minimize the impacts generated by SBS in our daily activities.  Finally we will support (through the services of Clear Sky Climate Solutions) projects that are proven to keep greenhouse gas emissions out of our shared atmosphere.
At SBS it’s our mission, using the unique combination of services we offer, to help other organizations, families, and individuals decrease their carbon footprint as well.    Carbon neutrality is the goal; conservation, efficiency, renewable energy and offsets are some of the tools we use to get there.  It will always be a work in progress, but together we can create a culture of conservation and clean energy.

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