Solar Electric Systems with Growth in Mind

This is a system that has grown through the years. Bob has always expressed a desire to “walk his talk”. Decreasing his carbon footprint has remained his goal. The original photo is circa 1992 and was a battery backup system. Over the years more modules were added and integrated with the utility grid, while maintaining the battery back-up capabilities. The 4-year-old in the 1992 photo installed the system in the 2019 photo. Module efficiency has increased dramatically and costs have decreased. The modules in the original photo were 60 watt modules, whereas today, we regularly install 350 watt (and up) modules.

There are many considerations to take into account when you are designing a solar electric system.  And growth is one of the considerations.  Perhaps you design a system to suit your current electric usage, but then want to add an electric car into the mix.  So the question is can you add to a solar electric system.  The answer is a qualified yes.

Discuss your current and potential needs with your design consultant.  Design the system with a large enough inverter to handle future additional modules.  Perhaps you hope to add batteries in the future.  All of this is significantly easier if your start with the end system in mind.

  • You invest in you long term energy independence.
  • 26% federal tax available one year only 2020.
  • State tax credit, $500.00 per tax payer makes this a great time to invest for the long term.

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