Solar Power vs Utility Power Cost over time

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The time is now.  Right here in Western Montana

Solar Power vs Utility Power Cost over time.

More solar electric systems are being installed today, that ever before.  Have you always wondered if you could install a solar system on your home?  Have you maybe even looked at the cost in the past?

Now is the time.  Solar Electricity is in the news on a daily basis.  The cost of solar electric modules has dropped dramatically in the last five years.  The financial incentives available for solar today are substantial.  There is no time like the present to take advantage of the opportunity and start saving money on your electric bill.  Now you too can make electricity directly from the sun.  Solar electric (photovoltaic) modules are designed with a 25 year warrante.

Solar Power Vs Utility Power Cost

Electric power costs have increased by an average of 4.4% per year during the last 30 years across the nation. Solar power installed today costs on average .11 per kWh according to the National Renewable Energy Lab in Los Alamos NM.  On the above graph your savings is represented in blue.  Every time the utility company raises rates your annual savings increase.


Invest now and begin saving today.


Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program, MT DEQ -  This is a 10-year, 3.25% loan for up to $40,000.  Up to 20% of total loan can be allocated to energy efficiency improvements.

Federal Tax Credits
Residential 30% Renewable Energy Credit (thru 2016)This tax credit is applicable for all primary and secondary private homes.  It includes all associated costs, such as installation and electrical work.

State (Montana) Tax Credits
Montana State provides a 500.00 per tax payer tax credit, or 1000.00 per couple for your solar installation. 

NorthWestern Energy Grants
NorthWestern has three grant programs. One for personal homes, a grant for those with commercial service and one for non-profit organizations. These grants are very limited in number. Please contact us for additional information. 406-381-5643