Remote off-grid Solar Electric System Montana

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Here is an off-grid, remote home near Polebridge, Montana. Polebridge is located West of Glacier National Park and is one of the few areas in the continental U.S. where apex predators like the Wolverine, Grizzly and Wolf always have and still do call home.

We mounted 27 modules on three top of pole mount structures some 300 feet from the home, taking advantage of a natural opening in the spruce forest. This country receives much snow accumulation, another reason to mount the modules high so snow that slides off the array and builds up is not an issue. We like to install arrays above head height which also prevents critters from chewing on tasty wiring and such.

We included two 6,000 watt inverters and a 48 volt battery bank of 1,900 amp hours. These ae flooded, deep cycle, lead acid batteries. This is no place for the sealed variants used with some on grid systems as this battery bank will be cycled frequently.
And last ,but not least, a 20 kW propane fired generator serves as backup power when the skies are grey.