Install Solar Today – Save with 26 % Federal Tax Credit

Plan to save on taxes and invest your hard earned money in your long-term energy future.  Install your solar system today.  The 26% federal tax credit is good through 2022.  And don’t forget the state on Montana tax credit of $500.00 per tax payer. 

Spring is an ideal time to plan for and install your solar electric system.  Grid-tie net-metering allows Montanans to harness the sunshine generated on our long solar days in the summer time, feeding energy back into the utility grid, and you use the power during our shorter winter days.  On those beautiful long summer days your meter spins backwards and your utility company credits you for that power. This grid-tied method tends to be the most convenient for homeowners.

It is ideal for us in Montana, because of our long solar days in the summer and shorter days in the winter time.  In Montana the utility company will not write you a check for excess energy that you produce.  So, generally your system will be sized to accommodate your average annual usage.  (determined by your utility bill).  Each year the solar electric system generates power during peak season (summer), and you consume power during the darker, shorter days of winter.  The utility company (each one uses slightly different rates) resets once a year and the process begins again.  For example, with North Western Energy as your utility we generally recommend to reset on April 1st. This gives you the entire summer to generate power and the entire winter to consume power, before beginning the cycle again the following spring.

Financing your Solar Electric System

Have you been considering installing a solar electric system on your home or business?  Clearwater Credit Union offers two loan options:  Home Solar Loan OR Home Energy Efficiency Loan. These loans are quick and super easy to navigate, ask your local banker at Clearwater Credit Union if one of these loans is right for you.

  • Easy to Use
  • Unsecured
  • Fast
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Apply online
  • Apply by phone at (406) 523-3300

You can also consider a DEQ Alternative Energy Revolving Loan program. The DEQ (Department of Environmental Energy- Montana) offers loans with low rates and up to 10 year terms.

  • 3.5% Interest Rate
  • Maximum loan amount $40,000.00
  • Maximum loan term 10years
  • $0 down payment & No early-payment penalty
  • Non-refundable application fee: $50
  • $100 application fees for joint, business, non-profit, or gov. entity
  • Closing costs origination fee$250 or 2% of loan amount, whichever is greater.

DEQ terms subject to change without notice- actual closing costs are set in application review.

Begin the process now and take advantage of the 2021-2022, 26% Federal Tax Credit and $500 State Tax Credit. Planning now ensures future savings.

Tax time and spring time make this a perfect time of year to Go Solar! Invest in your long term energy independence. Put your hard earned money to work for you with the 26% federal tax credit

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