Back to School with Solar Energy

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Photovolatic Modules, solar panels,Clark Fork School in the Rattle Snake of Missoula recently installed a 6,840 watt solar electric system with assistance from NorthWestern Energy grant program.  CFS is a community focused parent cooperative with a low student to teacher ratio.  There is a bright future with renewables for the youth of Montana.

Each solar electric system in Montana faces its own challenges.  Clark Fork School has an interesting roof.  SBS Solar designed the system with 12 modules on the north facing roof with tilt up legs to face the array to the south, and another 12 modules on a smaller south facing roof.  This is made possible with new Solar Edge inverter and optimizer technologies.  Modules no longer need to be on the same plane or the same orientation.  Although south orientation is optimal for solar – East and West orientations are still very viable.

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For more information on Montana Solar Electric Systems and the NorthWestern Energy grant program call Dan 406-381-5643.