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Unlock Solar Savings: Explore Our Range of Incentives

Unlock significant savings on your solar transition with our comprehensive incentives and loan options. Benefit from $0 down, low-interest loans through the Montana Department of Environmental Quality and Clearwater Credit Union’s specialized solar loans. Leverage federal tax credits covering 30% of your system’s cost, and explore NorthWestern Energy’s E+ Renewable Energy Program for unique incentives aimed at non-profits and government facilities. Additionally, USDA’s REAP offers grants and loan guarantees for small businesses and agricultural producers. Seize these opportunities now for long-term energy savings and sustainability.


The Montana Department of Environmental Quality offers $0 down, low-interest loans for solar installations and other alternative energy systems to individuals, small businesses, nonprofit organizations and government entities. For details about the Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program, call 406-444-6586, or click here. 

Clearwater Credit Union offers two loan options:  Solar Home Equity Loan or Home Energy Loan

Federal Tax Credits

This tax credit is applicable for all primary and secondary private homes and commercial installations.  It includes all associated costs, such as installation and electrical work.

E+ Renewable Energy Program NorthWestern Energy Non-Profit Customers

Under this program (with USB (Universal Service Benefits funds) the E+ Renewable Energy Program (NorthWestern Energy)  provides custom incentives for projects that benefit organizations and communities for non-profit or government facilities. Projects receiving these funds often provide civic value including education and visible representation of renewable energy technologies to a broad audience. Broad Benefit Commercial solar PV incentives are awarded twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

If your non-profit is interested in assistance with the grant application call us today. 406-541-8410.

Proposal information is included in the Anywhere Library Example and the application requirements.  

The 5 criteria used  to rank proposals are as follows:

  • Non Profit
  • Geographic Location
  • Participant Match ( at least 10%)
  • Educational Value
  • System Maintenance

Small Businesses and Agricultural Producers in eligible areas

USDA Rural Development, REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) offers up to 50% grants for total eligible project costs, as well as loan guarantees.

This program helps increase American energy independence by increasing the private sector supply of renewable energy and decreasing the demand for energy through energy efficiency improvements. Over time, these investments can also help lower the cost of energy costs for small businesses and agricultural producers.

Application Deadline:

  • Grants of $50,000 or less: October 31 and March 31;
  • Unrestricted Grants (up to $500,000): April 15;
  • Loan Guarantees are competed continuously throughout the year.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to invest in the long term health of your business with an investment in solar energy and energy savings.

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