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Rising Energy Costs, Carbon Footprints and the Environment

Our customers grapple with rising energy costs, the guilt of their carbon footprint, and a strong desire to positively impact the environment. They often feel powerless amidst the overwhelming challenges of climate change, political instability, and global crises. Many yearn for energy independence and to shift from merely consuming energy to actively producing it in a sustainable manner.

We resonate with our customers' concerns and aspirations.

We recognize the importance of creating a sustainable future and the pride in investing in oneself and the community. We believe no one should be subject to unpredictable energy rates and the environmental repercussions of traditional energy sources. Sharing in our customers’ commitment to a cleaner future, we stand by American-made products and view each solar panel installation as a step towards positive change. For us, this isn’t just business—it’s a passion.

We offer Tier 1 Solar Panels without the hefty price tag

We offer Tier 1 Solar Panels without the hefty price tag, thanks to our bulk purchasing strategy with leading solar panel companies. Tailoring solutions to individual preferences, we present a range of panels and inverters, with emphasis on products like SolarEdge for its innovative smart integration. Our comprehensive service includes handling paperwork, post-installation support, and offering energy storage solutions with minimal environmental impact. Additionally, we emphasize American-made panels, assist in navigating tax benefits, and strive for energy independence, ensuring our customers move towards a cleaner, sustainable future.

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See what solar installation SBS Solar has in-store for you.


See what solar installation SBS Solar has in-store for you.

Serving Western Montana For Over 30 Years

We serve families, homeowners, businesses, public entities, and nonprofits throughout Western Montana. We work with those who are keen on achieving energy independence, making a positive environmental impact, and saving money.

We offer Tier 1 Solar Panel design and installation tailored to your needs and budget. With over 30 years of experience, we provide energy solutions that not only reduce your electric bills but also contribute positively to the environment. Our hands-on approach ensures you get the best value, quality, and energy resilience. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, we’re here to transform your solar aspirations into reality.

Tax Credits

Unlock 30% savings on your home solar project with a tax rebate and make the switch to sustainable energy more affordable than ever!

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Empower Your Home: Achieve Near-Zero Energy Costs!

Choosing SBS Solar means embracing energy independence and future-proofing your expenses. Our custom-designed solar solutions not only support your commitment to the environment but also drive you closer to a near-zero energy bill. There are taxes, and fees associated with your electrical bill that solar can be reduced but not eliminated. Experience the pride of investing in your family’s sustainable future and leave a legacy of energy independence for generations to come.

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01: Locate Your Power Bill

Locate your power bill anytime from the last year. This shows your usage by the month for the last year in kilowatt hours (kWh).

02: Your Address

Send us a copy via email or text and include your address so we can look at your roof and surrounding area with satellite imagery.

03: Preliminary Design

Our system application engineers will then do a preliminary design. With this we will call to schedule a site visit when we answer questions, check your electric service and any shading issues so we can then do the final design work and calculate a total installed system cost for your review.

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Without our solar solutions, our customers face rising utility bills, environmental concerns, and a sense of helplessness against the backdrop of global climate issues. They’re caught in a cycle of dependence on grid-supplied energy, with little control over costs and carbon footprint.

With SBS Solar, customers step into a new reality of self-sufficiency and financial predictability. They enjoy lower energy expenses, contribute to a cleaner planet, and join a community leading the charge towards a sustainable future. The transformation goes beyond economics—customers gain peace of mind and pride knowing they’re part of the solution.

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