Solar Electric System Designed for Growth

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“I had a month where I paid a hundred bucks (for power) in the dead of winter, and I didn’t want to be paying anything….  Going solar just seemed like falling-off-a-log obvious.” Says Beki Glyde Brandborg of Helena Montana.  As with many things in life she made it happen.

Brandborg has always been energy conscious and energy efficient.  Through the years she has purchased Energy Star energy efficient appliances, burned firewood to heat her home (with electric backup), used the most efficient form of lighting available (currently LED) and updated the insulation on her 1970s style home.

In 2017 Beki hired SBS Solar to install an initial 5.85 kW solar electric system using a  7600 SolarEdge inverter (ready for battery).  This system was designed for growth, so in May 2020 Brandborg installed an additional 2.1 kW of modules to complete her system.

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