Ballasted Solar PV Mounting System for Flat Roof

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A ballasted solar PV mount is a graceful, highly engineered solution that secures the array without damaging the flat roof. It is compatible with typical photovoltaic modules and generally does not require roof penetrations. Made from lightweight and strong aluminum construction, this Uni-rack RM-10 system is at a 10-degree tilt and will look pretty sweet when it’s done.

Ballasted Mount - Solar Electric

The base of the system, the ballast block trays, hold as many 4″x8″x16″, 26-pound cement blocks as the system design demands. Depending on the wind loads of the site, the size of the array, and other determining factors the blocks are distributed to keep the array properly weighted down.

In these photos you can see the engineered strips connected to the ballast trays that protect the membrane roof. Every Roof is different, each solar project offers unique challenges, but there is always a solution to add a solar array that does not harm the roof and that securely holds the array into place.

Flat roof, ballast-mounted systems are just one more way to make any roof a powerplant. Whether its traditional asphalt shingle, membrane, or metal, SBS Solar has a solution that fits.

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