Bitterroot Shop – 12 Module Grid-tie System

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Montana SolarThis Photovoltaic system is typical of many we install in Western Montana. Here we have 12 -235 watt solar modules which create a 2,820 watt solar array. The modules are secured with a flush mount aluminum racking structure which is tied into the rafters of the roof. Since this is a metal roof we have specialized neoprene gaskets at each penetration to assure no moisture will penetrate the roof.
A 3,000 watt Fronius grid-tied inverter is the third major component of the system. This unit receives the high voltage DC power from the array and converts it to 240 volt AC power which runs our household electrical loads and Sells any excess power back into the grid. The inverter includes circuit breakers and software which synchronizes with the utility grid and protects utility personal.
One interesting and sometimes overlooked fact is that a system such as this needs to see power from the utility grid to operate. If we have a power outage here, our system will go down even if it is good and sunny. Once the power returns the inverter waits five minutes watching for good steady power before it reenergizes.
If you are interested in having power with or without the utility, check out the battery based inverter systems. We also have a relatively new inverter option which provides a limited amount of power to a specific circuit (1,500 watts) when the grid is down and we have sufficient light to produce power.

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