Solar Energy Production on Cloudy and Snowy days.

If you think Solar isn’t producing energy on cloudy days you are thinking partly cloudy. Solar not only produces energy on cloudy days, solar panels can even get a bump in power on a partly cloudy day.

Photovoltaic solar panels …

Bimodal Solar PV, Grid-tied & Off-grid Combo, Close to Missoula

9 kW array, just outside Missoula, Montana

SBS Solar was really excited to work on this bimodal system.  It is just a few minutes from downtown Missoula, and the customer wanted to be fully self sufficient when the grid was

Ballasted Solar PV Mounting System for Flat Roof – Part II

We have finished our ballasted roof project from earlier this summer.
(This is continuation of Ballasted Part I.)

Before getting too far along, we realized we needed to replace the building paper with Colbond Enkadrain mat  that allows the roof … Read More...