NorthWestern Energy Electric Rate Case

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Spring is finally happening after a long winter. Solar interest is especially high as a number of wheels are spinning which are creating financial deadlines for installing a home solar system.

As you may be aware, NorthWestern Energy has proposed a rate change for future net metering solar owners.  The rate change case has been filed with the Public Service Commission and it has gained significant traction.

Bob Lake and four other climate deniers make up our PSC and we know their anti-renewable voting record and desire to shut down as many renewable projects as possible.

Northwestern has requested that any new solar system have its own set of rates which in summary add significant costs of an estimated $600 a year for the average solar homeowner.  See the attachment for the cost breakdowns from our state solar group, Montana Renewable Energy Association. As members of this group we have filed as an intervener with the PSC and hired an attorney to represent us.

Bottom line for those wanting to go solar is the ability to be grandfathered in before the PSC finalizes the rate change.  We believe this to be in the June / July time frame. This timeline may change and if we are lucky, may not pass.

Adding to the confusion is a second and separate case for large solar and wind farms. We have seen progress here possibly opening the doors for larger projects, (recent press articles term these small systems, which they are not compared to a home system.) This is dealing with a separate case and attack upon renewables and not part of the homeowner net metering rate case.

If you have been thinking about adding solar and NorthWestern is your utility, now is the time to make it happen. Give us a call or email and let’s see if we can have your system in and inspected and permitted before the grandfather deadline.


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