Solar – A Better Investment

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After building up some savings 10 years ago, Brent Costain thought of using the money to go on a big, international vacation. Instead, they saw solar as a better investment both financially and morally. 

“When you’re done with a trip, you’ve got the memories, but those fade away,” Brent said. “If you take that money and put it into solar, little by little, you’re getting your money back, and every time you look at those solar panels, it just makes you feel really good.” 

While the couple’s system started small, they were able to grow it over time as the cost of solar decreased and solar technology became more efficient. SBS Solar helped the couple make a third and final upgrade to their system this spring, adding more panels and updating the efficiency of previously installed panels with optimizers. Now, they can fully leave nonrenewable energy behind. 

“We want to reduce our carbon footprint,” Brent said. “We’re really trying to be good citizens of the planet.”

You can invest in your solar future today.  Call for a free solar estimate 406-541-8410

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