SolarEdge Optimizer/inverter technology – multiple roof planes and shading

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This home on Lost Horse Creek, between Hamilton and Darby, MT is tucked away in a beautiful quiet nook shaded by a forest of ponderosa pines.  The multiple roof planes and shading at select times thru the solar day offered unique issues. The SolarEdge inverter with individual module optimizer technology offered an excellent solution.  Shading such as this and the traditional string inverter technology is limiting.  As shading of one module in a series string of up to 12 modules can easily decrease the power output all 12 modules.

An additional benefit to the SolarEdge optimizer/inverter equipment allows the use of differing module sizes and mounting angles.  This provides a great deal of flexibility and allows your system to grow over time.  The difference in cost of a 3800 watt inverter vs a 6000 watt inverter is only a few hundred dollars.  So it is very economical to go with the larger inverter and add modules in the future as budget allows.

SolarEdge Optimizer/inverter technology is the next step with improvements over both string and micro inverters.  The optimizer also allow for individual module monitoring. And best of all optimizer offer all the advantages of micro inverters at a lower cost.

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