A Great Time To Go Solar

Have you been thinking about installing a solar electric system for your home or business?  The time has arrived.  SBS Solar is ready for you.  We have stocked up for spring installs.  Don’t wait for long lines and module shortages.  Get on our installation list today.

There are many considerations to take into account when you are designing a solar electric system.  And growth is one of the considerations.  Perhaps you design a system to suit your current electric usage, but then want to add an electric car into the mix.  So the question is can you add to a solar electric system.  The answer is a qualified yes.

Discuss your current and potential needs with your design consultant.  Design the system with a large enough inverter to handle future additional modules.  Perhaps you hope to add batteries in the future.  All of this is significantly easier if your start with the end system in mind.

One of the best ways to size a solar electric system is to look at your utility power bill. On the NorthWestern Energy bill* in the upper left hand corner there is a graph that tells you how much energy your home consumes on a monthly basis.  This information and a Google view of your site for orientation and shading, enable the SBS Solar team to design a system with your needs in mind.  A site visit is then scheduled to verify information .We then follow-up with a detailed proposal that will quantify your total costs and savings.

You can provide us with your utility bill a couple ways.  Email us info@sbslink.com, or text a picture at 406-381-5643.

*Electric Coop power users will need to contact their co-op offices to request the last years worth of power usage.

Why go solar today?

  • Invest in your long term energy independence.
  • 26% federal tax available one year only 2020.
  • State tax credit, $500.00 per tax payer makes this a great time to invest for the long term.

Call Dan for your free solar estimate.  406-541-8410.