Wisdom Montana USFS Ranger Station

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Wisdom Montana USFS Ranger Station Solar Electric System - Photovoltaic Trackers
Wisdom Montana USFS Ranger Station Solar Electric System

We installed this 4.0 Kw system for the US Forest Service in Wisdom Montana. Wisdom is in the heart of the Big Hole Valley at an elevation of 6,000 feet and the weather here is, in a word severe. Temperatures in the depth of winter can go below -40 degrees.

Wisdom Montana Solar ControlerWe installed two 10 module pole mounts, a very typical mounting system where the roof is not an option. We used two full 21’ lengths of 8” steel pipe which gives us good clearance of people, machinery and livestock to pass beneath. Since our arrays are operating in the 300 to 400 volt range, it is always good to have these conductors up and out of the way.

The inverter here was specified to be attached to the steel mast. AC power is then run underground to the main electrical distribution panel to serve the Ranger Station. A utility disconnect is placed in line between the inverter and the grid service to allow an easy means of disconnecting the solar power.

Wisdom Montana Solar TrackerThe one change I would make to this system is mounting the inverter indoors to shelter it from the temperature extremes. Yet we have seen no problem in the four years it has been in Service.  Back