Green Blocks

SBS has had a wonderful and successful time on the side-order list for the City of Missoula’s Green Blocks energy saving program. We began work back in the Fall of 2010 by getting 2-inters from the University of Montana’s COT Energy Program and got them fully trained on doing a basic solar site assessment. Our Team ended up doing over 120 assessments over the course of 3-months last fall. They braved blazing sun, side-ways rain and blowing snow from October – December. But, it was well worth it. This spring 2011 marked the final phase of this project. The City added about 60-90 participants to get to their total count of 300. We got ourselves another COT Energy intern for this past Spring and he went out and did about 48 more solar site assessments. Half way through this phase we saw an 18% REDUCTION in the cost to install solar, plus the state and feds decided to KEEP the tax credits in place for renewable, Northwestern Energy gave us a dozen more $6k grants to hand out to customers in good standing, and the MT DEQ revolving loan fund keeps on chugging along (although they are 8-10 weeks out on funding). To top it off, SBS starting taking credit cards for deposits. The wet cold spring made for a slow start, and with the unseasonably cool summer, folks were not thinking about solar. But with the aforementioned incentives, and a little 90 degree weather, we are in full swing. Over half of the installs we’re doing in July and August came from Green Blocks leads and SBS is now booked out until September. Thanks to the City of Missoula for this great opportunity! We’d love to do it again. If you’re interested in information about solar – get in touch: or