Financing your Solar Electric System

Embedded Energy - Solar Module ManufacturingFinancing your Solar Electric System

Have you been considering installing a solar electric system on your home or business?  Missoula Federal Credit Union now offers 4.5% interest rates on solar electric installations.

  • Really Easy to Use
  • Unsecured
  • Fast
  • No Prepayment

Solar Energy Grants for Non Profit Organizations

Council Groves Solar Energy Darby Library Solar Energy System Pantry Partners Solar Energy System CityLife Solar Electric System Missoula Montana CityLife Solar Electric System Missoula Montana

Does your Non Profit qualify for a solar electric grant?

This is an awesome investment in the long term sustainability of your organization.

If your non-profit is interested in assistance with the grant application call Dan today. 406-541-8410.

Proposal information …

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