Solar Grant for Nonprofit Organizations

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USB Solar Grant Benefits Nonprofits With Their Own Property

Have you considered strengthening your social and environmental impact in your community by taking part in the Universal Service Benefit Grant, also known as a USB solar grant?  The USB Grant is here to help you develop resiliency in your nonprofit or public entity by funding up to 90% of a solar electric system on your current nonprofit, public, or government building. That means 90% of a new solar array is paid for by the USB grant, leaving only 10% for your program, donors, or sponsors to invest in. Investing now in long term energy independence will not only help you save on your programs future needs but this kind of energy expansion will set a great example for energy independence for your organization and your community. Solar energy aids in adaptability in these uncertain times.

Does your nonprofit qualify for a solar USB Grant?

The E+ Renewable Energy Program, made available through Northwestern Energy, provides custom incentives for projects that benefit organizations and communities for non-profit or government facilities.  Projects receiving these funds often provide civic value including education and visible representation of renewable energy technologies to a broad audience. Broad benefit commercial solar PV incentives, are awarded twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Click here for USB Grant application requirements.

The 5 criteria used to rank proposals are as follows:

  1. Non Profit, public or government entity
  2. Geographic Location
  3. Participant Match ( at least 10%)
  4. Educational Value
  5. System Maintenance

USB Proposal Example: Anywhere Library Example

SBS Solar USB Grant Completed Projects:

St. Paul Lutheran Church

Clark Fork School

Habitat For Humanity

Pantry Partners

City Life Community Center

Darby Library

Council Grove Apartments

If your non-profit is interested in assistance with the grant application and a free solar estimate call Ralph Walters, sales representative at SBS Solar today. 406-541-8410.

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